How long is the shoot?
A typical kids shoot is about 1 hour in order to keep it fun and spontaneous. Mini shoots are 30 – 40 minutes and are ideal for holiday cards. Baby & newborn shoots are scheduled for roughly 2 hours.

How should I prepare for the shoot?
A fed child is a happy child. Make sure they’ve had their lunch or breakfast a couple of hours before. A few treats as a bribe during the shoot may also come in handy, or as a reward after we’re finished.

How do I know what clothes everyone should wear for the shoot?
Keep it simple. In general, no big prints or patterns, let it be about your kids and your family! Bring 3 or 4 of your favorite outfits or looks — make sure you have a few contrasting outfits for a different feel and mood; light toned, dark toned, colorful. Think about any accessories you might want to incorporate also; such as a woolen hat or scarf for Fall or Winter shoot. A baseball cap of his/her favorite team.

If you want to add your child’s favorite toy or sports item, a favorite book, blanket, even a food item, you can. Think about what excites your child and what captures who they are and their interests. You can also bring a pet – one that’s been exercised – but let us know in advance.

If you still need help, call the studio as we LOVE to help out… we can always help you decide the day of the shoot too.

How do I book my appointment?
You can book your appointment online HERE, or feel free to call us on 800.292.3092. After you book you’ll receive an email confirmation and a little re-cap to prepare for your shoot. If you have any questions, you can always call or email the studio.

For online bookings, you can add your preferred date and appointment time at checkout — which we will confirm with you.

If my kids are sick or we can’t make the appointment can we reschedule?
Yes, we understand about sore tummies, runny noses and fevers. We do need to know asap if we are going to reschedule. You can reschedule up to 6 months from the day of the scheduled shoot.

I’m a little worried about my child’s behavior /  attitude / compliance at the shoot?
Listen, some kids listen, other’s don’t. Some will enjoy the process, others will suffer through it, begrudgingly. Most will have a blast! Some you might have to bribe, repeatedly. But as a parent there’s a tendency for you to feel responsible or stress if things aren’t going swimmingly. Please don’t! We’ve seen it all and it’s really not a big deal. We are certainly not judging you or your parenting skills!  A photoshoot is a new experience and sometimes the child might feel some pressure or have a little shyness – that’s only natural. The upside is that we can usually get great shots no matter what, and usually even the most recalcitrant child comes around in the end.

But if we don’t feel we’ve captured enough good shots, for whatever reason, come back for another shoot on us – absolutely no charge – and we’ll combine both sessions for you. The 2nd time might be a charm.

How will I see my images?
We can set a viewing appointment for you to view the images at the studio, show you product examples and finalize your purchases. Available viewing days include Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday with the viewing taking about an hour. We can arrange to meet at your residence to best accommodate your schedule.

What about bumps & bruises, do you retouch?
We will gladly take care of minor blemishes, bumps, bruises, and whatnot without charge — we can make a note of any retouching requirements at the viewing.

Who can come to the viewing session?
Feel free to bring anyone who would like to make a purchase.

Will I see actual proofs?
Yes! You will get to hold & view all of the images that we took at the session (minus the ones that don’t make the cut, you know the blinks, the drool etc…)

Can I keep my proofs?
Once you make your purchase of $1,500 you will receive all the proofs in an amazing keepsake box for you to display in your home.

What products do you offer?
We offer a wide selection of products to suit many styles & budgets including:
– framed & matted prints
– canvas wraps & acrylics
– custom designed albums & books
– keepsake boxed prints
– custom designed cards and more!

How long will my prints/order take to complete?
Once your order is placed it generally takes 3 weeks to complete.

Will I receive digital files from my sitting?
We do offer all images on disk after a $2500 purchase to you at no additional charge. If you prefer you can purchase all the images for $1500.

Will you shoot at my house or on location?
We get more consistent results at our studio, so we recommend coming to us. However, should you have a suitable space then we can certainly look into it. There is an additional travel fee for some location shoots such as the Hamptons.

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